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C-55 GRADE COLD ROLLED ANNEALED STRIPSThis is a Medium Carbon cold rolled steel strip l with a very high yield strength. This allows objects made of this steel to return to their original shape despite significant bending or twisting after hardening and tempering. usually in soft annealed condition but can also be supplied in temper rolled hardness in range between 200-300Hv ( band range is +/-40 Hv )

cold rolled strip: This grade of Steel is popularly known as Annealed Steel Strips, Cold Rolled Steel Strips with medium caron, Carbon Steel Strip.

This grade of steel strip is used where fatigue values and elastic limits are not critical, is used for applications in which high strength, hardness and wear resistance are important. This grade of steel strips has good forming, blanking and bending properties.

  • Properties

  • Form of Supply

  • Standard sizes

Properties of C55 grade cold rolled annealed steel strips / Chemical composition by weight









0.50 - 60%





0.60 - 0.90%





0.0 - 0.35%












This grade is similar to 55C6





Physical properties
  • Hardness is annealed condition 200Hv Max

  • Yield strength 270 N/MM2

  • Elongation 30% Minimum

  • Tensile strength 590N/mm2

  • Surface bright and free from any detrimental surface defect

  • Edges Clean slit

  • Bend Test: Strips shall pass bend test as recommended below• Bend test When bending maintain radius as follows :

Other Proerties

FEW OF APPLICATION/USES OF C55 GRADE STEEL STRIPFew of Application/Uses of C55 grade steel strips
  • Pen clips

  • Hair pins

  • Seat belt parts, buckles

  • Agriculture sickles

  • Machetes

  • Automotive parts

  • Chains and links

  • Shoe shanks

  • Safety shoes toes

  • Fasteners

  • Washers

  • Hose clamps

  • Various types of clamps

  • Horticulture tools

  • Can opener

  • Washers

  • Shims

  • Car horn support plates

  • Clutches

  • Plastic and paper cutting blades

  • And parts requiring resistance to wear and tear

  • Clips for wheel balancing

  • Garment hanger clips

  • Hobby knives